Bye Bye Birdie 2.0

Oh, don’t you hate it when you can’t connect to twitter?

My inner child throws a tantrum and needs a babysitter.

What a painful sight to see that bird upside down.

I click and click but I can’t seem to turn it around.

What in the world do they expect us all to do?

Like it or not, we’ve all become addicted to you!

We rely on you to deliver critical news in a timely manner.

No, we don’t give a flip that Loic Lemier is getting tanner.

We want to know about the latest sites from techcrunch.

OK, and to see if iJustine has eaten more jr mints for lunch.

How else will we learn that Scoble has gotten into more trouble?

We need our daily dose of qik video streams from our Barney Rubble.

We need to be in the loop on things like Mac World and the sale of Plaxo.

We also need to know about Veronica’s interviews and all things Mahalo.

So come on, EV, give us a break and keep that birdie alive twenty-four, Seven.

Keep CNN breaking news coming or else we’re forced to watch the news at eleven!

Written by Paisano


  • IAAdmin

    LOL…………I like it.

  • IAAdmin

    LOL…………I like it.

  • Randy Corke

    How about a name change to “Poe-sano”

  • Randy Corke

    How about a name change to “Poe-sano”