Attack of the Madonna Clones

The recent public feud between Madonna and Lady GaGa isn’t anything new to the material girl. She’s endured copycats and clones ever since day one when she started back in the early 80s. Here are a few of the ones that I remember and actually liked. Obviously, none of them had careers as successful or as long as Madonna. Some of them still perform shows and have fan bases from the 80s who enjoy reminiscing about their club days.

Let me start with my favorite clone.. Alisha who had a few hits so she wasn’t a one-hit wonder like the rest.
Baby Talk

All Night Passion


Here’s Nocera who also had a couple of hits. She wasn’t only Italian like Madonna but actually from Sicily.
Let’s Go

Summertime Summertime

Regina had a hit called Baby Love that not only sounded like a Madonna song but the music video reminded me of Borderline.