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Christmas Pai 2008

It’s no secret that this is my favorite time of the year. I LOVE the holiday season. I get geeked up (more so than ever) starting around Halloween and it all builds around Thanksgiving and intensifies there after. Soon after turkey day is when I start…


Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is almost here and the past several days online has had a common theme for me. Everywhere I turned, the subject matter of homelessness. It started when I shared a great article called “Famous People Who Have Been Homeless”. It was an inspirational piece because…


8 Things You Didn't Know (and more!)

Thanks to Merlene, I’ve been tagged to share 8 things about Pai that most people wouldn’t know. OK, I added a little more than 8 things but it’s a visual so it won’t take too long to read. 🙂 Live MindMap of 8 Things about Paisano (and more) Here’s…