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Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy

Every nerd or geek from I.T. (like me) loved the “Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy” sketch from Saturday Night Live. Jimmy Fallon was hilarious and dead-on as the cynical sarcastic helpdesk hero. While most of the jargon and technical props were way off base in…


Bye Bye Birdie 2.0

Oh, don’t you hate it when you can’t connect to twitter? My inner child throws a tantrum and needs a babysitter. What a painful sight to see that bird upside down. I click and click but I can’t seem to turn it around. What in the…


Are You This Cool Offline?

People are not always as they appear online. The internet makes it so easy to be something different than we are in reality. I’m not talking about the wild extreme examples of people pretending to be the other gender or things to that effect. I’m referring…