Smart and Smarter

I really enjoy the movies that the Farrelly Brothers make. Yes, I know that some of them (OK all of them) have juvenile, sophomoric humor but over all I love them. There is always something special at the heart of their movies, something tender and moving. I don’t know how they do it. Amidst all the whacky, zany and sometimes even rude funny business they will unleash something moving and sweet. For example, in “There’s something about Mary”, most people remember the franks and beans scene when Ben Stiller got his thing caught in his zipper but the thing I loved best about the movie was the wonderful love story of how much his character loved Mary. The ending was excellent.

Another great example is in “Shallow Hal” where they did their best to offend over-weight people everywhere with offensive jokes like the diving board scene. However, the scene that sticks with me to this day was when Hal (Jack Black) visited the hospital and sees the little girl with severe burns on her face. It’s one of the most unforgettable movie moments I’ve ever experienced. Special moments like that make all the crass jokes digestible.

Here is a fantastic commencement speech that the Farrelly brothers gave at RWU.
They share some wonderful insights on how they made their dreams come true and how they can do likewise. I think it reveals a lot about these guys. It clearly shows how funny they are but also how much passion they have for what they do.

Here’s a playlist of favorite clips from Farrelly Brother films