I took my kids to see Disney’s newest animated film “Zootopia” which has been getting rave reviews and killing it at the box office so there were high expectations.
Well, I have to admit that it was wonderful and exceeded our expectations. It was so funny and there were a lot of emotional moments and important messages about life.
The main characters started as adversaries but are forced to help one another and learn a lot about themselves and the animal kingdom.

I really liked some of the morals of the story like not condemning an entire group for the actions of a few and its anti-bullying stance. It got a little political near the end but it wasn’t too blatant.

I think the animation was fantastic with many breathtaking views of different cities and weather. The use of music was also spectacular as Shakira did the catchy theme song “TRY EVERYTHING” and played the part of the pop artist named Gazelle which was very clever. Brilliant move making Gazelle perform surrounded by a circle of tigers which reinforced the message of the movie that we can all get along.

John Lasseter had his fingerprints all over this production. He continues to raise Disney’s game and not just with Pixar films. He did the same with Frozen and other films.

Here’s the song….