Wonder Woman

I went into this film on the heels of an avalanche of hype and hysteria you rarely see especially for a comic book movie so my expectations were through the roof but I have to confess that it more than lived up to all the praise. What a completely enjoyable movie it turned out to be. I mean, I grew up with the Linda Carter Wonder Woman on TV and I never got into it so that was my vision of what Wonder Woman was all about.

Not anymore. I think this new reimagined Wonder Woman is fantastic for many reasons. I love how the movie covered her origin story and where she came from and the amazing amazon women she grew up with which explained so much about her skills.

Let’s begin with the star of this movie. Gal Gadot who is a superstar, period. Much like Steve Reeves became a star with his turn in Superman (1978), Gadot has taken the world by storm. She was strong, powerful and still very feminine when she had to be. She was unbelievable. 

As for another surprise, who knew The Princess Bride (Robin Wright) could be such a bad ass (and in her 50s no less!). She was awesome as Atione–daughter of Ares who trained Diana (Wonder Woman).

I’ve been a Marvel comics fan my entire life because of my older brother who was always a collector. He was right too about the level of depth in characters in Stan Lee’s franchise of Super Heroes… but I have to admit that the DC Universe (I hate the term DCEU–DC Extended Universe…yuck!) has raised its game thanks to this excellent Wonder Woman release. Personally, I liked it more than Man of Steel and the Dark Knight series and many agree with me.

As for the critical response from critics and fans it’s been breathtaking. Right now it’s at 94% which matches the mark set by what many consider the best movie from the Marvel Comics Universe, IRON MAN (2008) which also had a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s a comparison of the two…notice the higher rating from audiences so far. Keep in mind that this is all still VERY early so these numbers will drop in time but it’s still an tremendous achievement. The box office will be the best barometer for the impact. I am confident that there will be a sequel to Wonder Woman because of how good it is and how well received it has been.

I love this photo from the movie. Diana sees it at the beginning of the movie and it was nice but by the end of the movie it becomes so much more emotional and important. I am getting chills right now just thinking about it. They did such a phenomenal job with little details like this. The photo looks so authentic!

The thing I loved most about Wonder Woman was the beautiful love story between Diana and Steve Trevor. I won’t get into too much detail because of spoilers but it was all done so well. From beginning to end when they first met via its Little Mermaid homage origin to the emotional ending.

The best scenes for me were on the boat when they were leaving the Island, the ending scene and the dancing in the snow sequence. It was all so very good. It was no longer just a comic book movie at that point. It was so real.

I also enjoyed all of the side characters which can make or break even the best film. They did a super job with casting in this film. From all the fantastic ladies on the Island to all of Steve’s whacky sidekicks. They were all so good. Yes, even the villains which some critics didn’t appreciate but I sure did.

Here’s the final trailer that came out



Here are some promotional photos for Wonder Woman that I just love…. their marketing team did a stellar job to say the least.