Twitter 101

Unless you were living under a rock the last year or actually had one of them there things they call a life, then you know all about Twitter.

In any event, whether you are new to Twitter or a seasoned veteran, here are some cool and hopefully useful links to checkout: is grand central so no whoop-ti-do there. is where you see everyone’s public tweet every four minutes. is more fun than the public timeline because it shows a map of the world and all new tweets and where they are coming from. is the leaderboard that tracks who has the most followers on Twitter and who follows the most people. The leader changes all the time but the core top 25 are pretty static. Justine and Robert Scoble duke it out for the most followed humans on Twitter. Interesting to note, Where as Justine rarely follows anyone (7,000 vs 200 est.), Scoble actually follows more people than follow him! There are always debates about following on twitter. Is it better to follow as many people as possible or to be selective?

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Twitter Karma examines everyone you follow and those that follow you and reveals interesting results.