The Time of Your Life (Online)

Circavie is a service that lets you create visual timelines of anything you want to document online. Each entry can include hyperlinks, images, text and even comments.

You can navigate the timelines via the arrows at the bottom of the screen or by clicking anywhere on the timeline and scrolling left to go back in time or forward for the future.

Example timeline: History of Blogging

Another example: Fred Lippert and Family is well-known for its TimeLine feature that displays your stories and online activities chronological order. It looks something like this:

Dandelife does much more than Circavie because it can also serve as a social network aggregator and include your streams from other services like Twitter, Flickr, delicious and more.
You can view your friends’ network streams as well.Here are three screencasts that show more of Dandelife’s features: