The Musician's Heart

My brother is living proof that true musicians play music their entire lives no matter what. He’s a family man with several kids and owns his own successful audio and home automation business but still makes the time to practice with his band and perform live gigs on a regular basis! He doesn’t do it for the fame or fortune, just for the thrill and satisfaction of sharing his love of music with people. Period.

I truly believe that he has only improved with time which is amazing when you think about it. Most talents or activities erode and decline with time but not so with music. I think it keeps you forever young as well. I also admire his determination to never give up his dream of playing music. He has told me that he will always play no matter what happens in life. I am so proud of my little bro.

Here’s my brother Lou with his band Norton’s Remedy in a recent gig in our home town of Alpharetta, Georgia. He’s the lead singer and lead guitarist.

The Wall

Talk to You Later (Watch for me walking across the screen in blue swim trunks, sorry, not topless! I videotaped their gig that day. I also chased my 4 year old Matthew whom you will also see a few times wearing yellow floaties and a little chubby…ok…ok…he’s a mini-me!)