The Family Man

I think I love the “The Family Man” (2000) because it reminds me so much of my all-time favorite movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946). Instead of the main character wishing he’d never been born at all like George Bailey, Nicholas Cage’s Jack gets a glimpse at what his life would have been like had he chosen a different path 13 years earlier. What would life be like had he chosen love over money and his career?

Well, through the magic of Christmas he gets that chance to find out and it’s a real treat for us all. He gets to experience his life with Kate, played delightfully by Tea Leoni. He goes from being a filthy rich womanizing bachelor to a barely-getting-by but happy family man with two kids. It’s a shocking change to say the least.

All of the characters in the movie ring true which is a key ingredient to a great movie. Once again, Jeremy Priven does a superb job as the best friend just as he did in another one of my favorites, “Serendipity”. Don Cheadle is excellent as well as the rest of the cast.

Here’s the trailer

This is where things begin to take a turn for Jack…. while at the store.

Jack’s best friend

Jack’s awesome interview

A Life that other people envy

Annie knows this isn’t her real dad

Jack loses it at the mall

Sweet scene where Jack sees home movie of himself singing to his wife (something he never did in his other life)

Date night for Jack and Kate when he asks “What are you sure of?”

One of the most romantic scenes ever! It ranks up there with the phone scene between George and Mary Hatch.
The way Jack tells her how she’s grown into a beautiful woman and when she asks “How can you do that? Look at me as if you haven’t done it for the last 13 years”

Here’s the beginning which is important and especially poignant when you see the ending. This is the moment that changes the rest of their lives, the proverbial fork in the road.

Kate “I Choose us”

Jack “Please Remember me”

Here’s the wonderful ending. Don’t watch it if you plan to see it for the first time. Gets me every time!