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Cloud Computing from 1963

I love seeing old video of new technology or predictions of the future. Here’s a classic piece from 1963 called Timesharing: A solution to Computer Bottlenecks which is basically about cloud computing. It truly is amazing how far we’ve come when it comes to computers. Even…


Future Shock

One of my favorite sites to visit is Paleofuture which covers the wild and whacky and sometimes eerie predictions of the future from days gone by. Here are some of my favorite visions of the future from the past. 1999 AD (1967) has gotten a great…


Triumph of the Nerds

“Triumph of the Nerds” (1996) is my all-time favorite documentary on computers or technology ever! I remember the first time I watched it and how informative, entertaining and inspirational it was to me. I was still a break and fix technician and I recall being extremely…