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Family 2.0

Even your relatives aren’t safe from the social networking and web 2.0 fever that is spreading across the globe like wildfire. It makes sense when you think about it. Why wouldn’t we use social networking technologies to keep in touch with family members, document family history…


Moo-ve over TinyURL, URL-finished!

We all know about the valuable use of www.TinyUrl.com , especially on the 140-character limited Twitter platform. Well, there’s a new sherif in town and its name is MooURL! You are probably wondering why would anyone even care which url shortening service they used? The answer…


Identity Crisis

What’s up with the title, Identity Crisis? What’s this going to be about? No, it’s not going to cover the warning signs of psychosis or methods for treating schizophrenia. The title is merely a tongue in cheek description of a common dilemma that most of us…