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Here’s a great song called “Forgiveness” by Jim Witter that really makes you realize how stupid and cruel it is to hold onto grudges and not forgive those people who have hurt us. Here are the words: Forgiveness (J.Witter/B. Tomberlin) Little Mickey Johnson was my very…


Are You This Cool Offline?

People are not always as they appear online. The internet makes it so easy to be something different than we are in reality. I’m not talking about the wild extreme examples of people pretending to be the other gender or things to that effect. I’m referring…


Skreemr Rocks!

Skreemr is an excellent music search engine. Not only does it find songs but it provides almost everything you ever wanted to know about the song and the artist! Here is an example of a search result for the song called “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional. The…