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Social Misfit

Here’s my first text-to-speech animation that I called “SOCIAL MISFIT”. It’s about how silly all this social media stuff can be sometimes when people take things too personally when complete strangers decide to unfollow you on a social network for no good reason.


Now That's Social Networking

What strange coincidence that the two largest social networks, FaceBook and MySpace, both make the news this week. First, FaceBook CEO Zuckerberg’s interview disaster with journalist Sarah Lacy then the MySpace callgirl who had a hand (pardon the pun) in bringing down the New York governor…


Inbox 2.0

Most of us have multpile email accounts, which means multiple logins IDs and passwords and website addresses or email clients. Add to the mix all of the internal messages we receive such as on FaceBook and MySpace, which includes wallposts, comments and bulletins and we’ve got…