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Extending Yourself

I finally jumped into the Firefox 3 pool with both feet and started playing with all of the add-ons, extensions¬†and greasemoney scripts and I’ve been blown away. It’s mindboggling how much you can do with this browser. Now I understand why Firefox users are such zealots!…


Collaborative Browsing

In this day and age of social networking frenzy, I am surprised the concept of collaborative browsing or Co-Browsing has not caught on yet. How is that possible? Doesn’t it make sense to be able to see who’s visiting the websites that you are visiting in…


How to Wax Your Surfboard (Browser)

Here are some tips, tricks and updates that will help improve your web browsing experience, no matter which one you use. There are several common elements that all browsers require in order to view websites. The most important ones being Java and Flash players. In all…