Owl City

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I had the privilege of seeing Owl City perform last night in Atlanta at Center Stage and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. It was also the first time I ever saw a show right up front from the mosh pit. While it wasn’t comfortable standing the whole show, after the music started I forgot all about it. The energy and sheer joy from the audience was so electric that I felt completely awake and alive. I tried to record as much video as possible and marveled at just how amazing his band was. I had expected it to be just Adam Young at a piano or synthesizer which would’ve been fantastic but wow this band he put together was outstanding. They were all amazing in their own right. The female keyboardist looked genuinely excited and inspired by the crowd’s reaction of joy as did Adam and the others. The guitarist was phenomenal as were the drummer and bassist.


Owl City opened with “Bird with a Broken Wing” which was absolutely incredible. I always liked the song but I just loved it this time live for some reason. It was just so powerful and moving.
I really liked how the guitarist started by playing his guitar with a violin bow which produced such an eerie and haunting sound. Then Adam Young appeared on stage and the whole place exploded with excitement.
I got chills all over during this song.
Here’s what I recorded

Here’s the same performance as recorded from someone else from a better angle

Here’s another favorite from the show that someone else recorded.
“Dreams and Disasaters”

“Up All Night”




“99 Red Balloons/Chicago”

Here are the recorded versions of the songs Owl City performed

Bird with a Broken Wing


My Everything


Up All Night

Deer in the Headlights


Good Time closed the show during the last encore with Rozzi the opening act singing the female parts