Oh How The Years Go By

I love Amy Grant and her “Oh How The Years Go By” is one of my favorites. It truly sums it all up for parents. I’ve always heard other parents say that but now I see what they mean. I remember when each of my three children were born. It feels like yesterday. It really does. Please do your best to enjoy it every chance you get, even when you’re dealing with a million things, changing diapers, cleaning up urps and messes. You will miss things you never imagined you would.

Here are Nicholas (10 this month), Matthew (6) and Rachel (3)
I made this little movie with a fantastic program called MuveeReveal in a matter of minutes.
They’re also behind SHWUP which is an online photo and movie service.
Note: Obviously the site is no longer there. I believe the company was sold so it goes to a new destination.