Lust for Life


I’ve always loved Vincent van Gogh, but not just for the beautiful paintings he created. I’ve always been amazed by his life story and how he was able to create such wonderful works of art in the midst of such severe pain and torture. What a true inspiration he is to all of us.

Don McClain’s “Vincent (Starry Starry Night)” has always been one of my favorite songs. He totally captures the essence of Van Gogh. It was such a surreal experience the first time I ever heard this song because it seemed to express everything I always felt for Vincent. It’s still such an emotional song for me. Here’s the music video of the song which shows many of Van Gogh’s incredible work.

As far as the best movie portrayal of Van Gogh it clearly has to be “Lust for Life (1956)” with Kirk Douglas in a tour de force performance! I remember how captivated and spellbound I was by this movie and by Kirk Douglas’ raw and powerful turn as the tortured artist. I still can’t believe that he did not win the Oscar for this work! Not only did he resemble Vincent but he expressed a rainbow of emotions that you believe Van Gogh would’ve felt and expressed. Even in scenes where he doesn’t utter a word Kirk Douglas commands the screen with his expressions and magnetism. Amazing