James at 15

I remember enjoying this show called “James at 15” when I was a kid. I thought he (Lance Kerwin) was so cool. What did I know? I think I liked him cause I looked a little like him. Plus, from what I remember, the shows were entertaining and always had some life lesson to learn. Think After School Special meets movie of the week.

I did some research and it appears James, or the actor Lance Kerwin, is in his 40s now and a minister somewhere. He hasn’t acted since 1995 so his film career is long gone but memories of his day in the sun remain for many of us kids from 70s.

Here’s Lance back then and today

lance15 lancekerwintoday

Here’s the original intro to the series

Here’s the intro to the show when it became James at 16

Here’s a scene with Kate Jackson from the red hot Charlie’s Angels series