Dreams and Nightmares

So Obama has become our first African American President. While many Americans are still upset about this result, not because of his skin color but because of his politics, every one of us needs to realize that we’re all in this together. A house divided cannot stand. No matter who you voted for, you need to continue to support our country and respect the process, however wrong you think it is.

Despite your political persuasion, you must admit that this is a groundbreaking and historical event. Consider all that we’ve been through as a country regarding race relations through the years and still today. We’ve endured nightmares going all the way back to the times of slavery. We’ve suffered massive bloodshed with brothers killing brothers in a civil war in order to abolish slavery. Then we made slow progress with incredible visionaries like Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. Both would be over-joyed with today’s monumental achievement. Let’s hope we all will be in four years.

Here’s the full “I have a dream” speech from 45 years ago by MLK.