A contestant on American Idol season 10 (2011) sang DREAMIN’ by Amos Lee which brought a huge new audience to this incredible singer. Here’s the original version by Amos Lee following by the lyrics and then the one by Scott Dangerfield from his audition on Idol.

I love this song not just because it’s simply beautiful and the vocals are heavenly but also because of its message. He knows people are calling him a dreamer and he accepts the fact that he is and he’s perfectly fine with it. He even boldly proclaims that he has every intention to continue doing just that, dreamin’. He also says that love is what pulls him through.

I love that because I know that I’m a dreamer too. It took me a long time to accept it and I’ve stopped thinking of it as a negative label. Quite frankly, I love being a dreamer in this crazy thing called life. Are you one too? Don’t let the dreamkillers steal your bliss or get in your way as you make your dreams come true. Remember that the road to every dream is littered with naysayers and excuse-makers so keep on dreamin’!

My soul,
is as open as the sky.
Often time,
it’s just as blue.
People tell me,
I need to keep on dreamin’.
That’s just what I’m gonna do.
Now everybody,
wanna treat me like a house fly.
Turn me around,
and tell me to shoo.
Wanna tell me,
keep on dreamin’.
That’s just what I’m gonna do.
‘Cause every moral,
has a story.
Every hand needs a glow.
Sometimes it’s full of glory.
Oh, but mostly, it’s for the love.
It’s the love..
It’s the love.
It’s the love that pulls me through.
‘Cause when they tell me,
keep on dreamin’.
Thats just what I’m, I’m gonna, thats just what I’m gonna do.


Here’s Scott Dangerfield who did a wonderful job. He made it to Hollywood week but dropped out because he didn’t want to miss the start of his new career as a teacher. He might come back next year. I sure hope so.