Cubs Win!

I’m a lifelong Yankee fan so I’ve experienced many World Series championships over the years (seven so far) but I would love to see the Chicago Cubs win it all someday in my lifetime. I think it’s possible since the evil Boston Red Sox proved that you can break a long drought of losing which they did in 2004 and 2007, the first championships since 1918. The Cubs have come close a few times over the years, perhaps their two best teams being the Ryne Sandberg 1984 team which lost in a close National League Championship Series to the San Diego Padres and the 2003 team that lost to the Florida Marlins that won it all. That was the series where the fan interfered with a foul ball.

I love this commercial for MLB 2012 which shows Cub fans enjoying a World Series title. It’s such a wonderful spot and totally moved me. I really wish Cub fans can experience this euphoria someday soon. There are some funny parts too like the guy who cuts his long beard.