Crazy Sexy Cancer

csc Crazy Sexy Cancer is the incredibly inspiring documentary by Kris Carr about her courageous battle against a rare form of cancer in her liver. It’s a touching and even funny look at the way she’s fighting cancer.

It premiered on TLC and Discovery Healthy in the Fall of 2007 but she was actually diagnosed in 2003 so she’s actually surpassed her 5th year anniversary of diagnosis. She’s written a couple of books about her journey: Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor & Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips.

For more info go to her website. To follow her daily updates subscribe to her blog, Crazy Sexy Blog!
*Update (10/18/2015)*
I just checked and the website and blog stopped updating in 2009 which was a year after I wrote this blog post so I feared the worst for Kris Carr…but I was happy to learn that she has survived and just moved everything to her new domain under her name! So that’s amazing news, huh? She’s become a successful expert for cancer survival.

There’s also a social network centered around the whole crazy sexy cancer ideology,

Here’s the trailer doe the documentary

Here’s a special Oprah where Dr. Memet Oz meets the crazy sexy cancer girl

Stacey Gualandi, of Understanding Cancer, sits down with Kris Carr while on her book tour for Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. For more from Understanding Cancer visit —