Automatic Blog Backups for Free!

So many of us are blogging these days, but I wonder how many of us are actually backup our work. Sure, we can create blogs outside of the website in a word processor or in an online office suite as I do with Google Docs, but most bloggers are creating their work right there online within their blogsite (blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc.). If anything ever crashed then all that work would be gone forever.

Who has time to go to every blog entry and save each piece? Well, thanks to BlogBackupOnline all you have to do is set it and forget it!

BlogBackupOnline is a free backup service that will allow you to backup several of your blogs automatically every night. You enter your blog addresses, the login credentials and how often you want to back them up and BlogBackupOnline does the rest! Did I mention it was FREE?!!! Well, the basic account is free and limited to 50 total megabytes of backups, but that’s not bad.

I’ve been using it for several blogs for years and it has rarely failed to perform a backup. Give it a shot. The blog you save may be your own!