Apple Products Ahead of its Time

Not everything Steve Jobs or Apple touched turned to gold. Here are a slew of products that were either too ahead of its time or just weren’t good enough. Some never even got released. In any event, every failure contributes to success in some way. If you look closely, you’ll see features and options that inspired future products that did become massively successful (i.e. iPod, iPhone, iPad)

Apple PowerCD and QuickTake

Apple Newton

Apple Newton eMate 300 was introduced March 7, 1997 for US$800 and was discontinued along with the Apple Newton product line and its operating system on February 27, 1998.

Apple prototypes that never saw the light of day

As you might have noticed, almost all of these excellent videos (except for the Apple Newton video) were done by MattsMacintosh. I highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel here: Here’s his twitter account: @MattsMacintosh

He does cover successful Apple products too. For example, here’s his unboxing video for his Apple MacBook Air.

Here’s his latest work for the iPhone 4S