Hello. I’m Doriano “Paisano” Carta. I was born in Salerno, Italy but my three brothers and I were raised in Newark, New Jersey by our mother. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 where I’ve lived ever since.  I began my career in IT at ADP and progressed from break and fix work to network engineer and became a CNA and CNE for Novell.  

I am well-known in the internet and social media community as Paisano because I was one of the first tech journalists for some of the largest publications such as Mashable.comGigaOm.com and many others. I covered all of the major startups such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and I was the lead writer for breaking news.  Here are samples of my work that is still accessed and referenced to this day. http://dorianocarta.com/writing/

After years of writing about startups and technology I co-founded Applanta in Atlanta, GA with Dr. Jay Yadav who is a world-renown physician, inventor and entrepreneur.  For more information about Jay go to http://JayYadav.com. We worked together at CardioMEMS for several years before it was sold to St. Jude Medical in 2014 for $450 million. Here’s more about the deal:
Applanta specializes in building applications for all of the major platforms including iOS (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch & Apple TV), Android phones and tablets, Windows computers and devices and more). We also specialize in VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies.
Applanta Portfolio:
Here are some examples of Applanta Apps:
SafeCrowd­ The first app that crowdsources safety in a patent pending method by making it quick and easy for anyone to report crimes or suspicious behavior and assist those in need. Users can share photos and text updates along with the GPS coordinates.
Shoppio­ An iOS app that makes it safer for users to sell items by letting them select their friends and family from twitter and Facebook. Think of it as a safer and quicker Craigslist app mixed with Instagram. Just point, tap and sell whatever you take a photo of.
PlayATab­ In a partnership with Digitrax Entertainment and Peavey Electronics. PlayATab offers a growing library of songs and lessons to learn how to play the guitar in a fresh new way. We use a unique visual approach to learning to play guitar that our users have praised. We continue to add new songs/lessons every month.